Your question: Do schools in Barcelona teach in Spanish or Catalan?

Both Catalan and Spanish are used as languages of instruction, reflecting their status as co-official languages in Catalonia. This means that students are free to speak and write in either of the two, regardless of the language of instruction chosen by the teacher.

Do schools in Barcelona teach in Catalan?

As it is everywhere around Europe, basic education is compulsory in Catalonia. … As a result, all state education in Catalonia is in Catalan, with Spanish taught as a foreign language.

Is Catalan taught in schools in Spain?

In the Decree of April 29, 1930, Second Spanish Republic minister Marcelino Domingo allowed the use of Catalan in primary schools. It was in fact the Catalonia Statute of Autonomy 1932 which for the first time introduced the teaching of Catalan and in Catalan at all levels of education.

What language do they teach in Barcelona?

Catalan is the language of instruction in Catalonia’s schools, where Spanish and another foreign language, usually English, are taught. Even if classes are given in Spanish and Catalan in universities, it is Catalan which is adapted as the institutional language and used in administrative affairs.

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Do people in Barcelona speak Spanish and Catalan?

Most of the people who live in Barcelona are bilingual and speak Catalan and Spanish, which is also an official language. Street names and most road and transport signs are in Catalan.. Many restaurants, especially those in the city centre, have menus in several languages.

Does Barcelona have good schools?

The majority of schools are located close to Barcelona but some of the best known schools such as The British College of Gava, The British School of Barcelona or The Olive Tree School can be found in areas such as Castelldefels and Sitges just south of Barcelona.

How does the Officiality of languages in Spain work today?

Spanish is official throughout the country; the rest of these languages have legal and co-official status in their respective communities and (except Aranese) are widespread enough to have daily newspapers and significant book publishing and media presence.

Is Barcelona in Catalan?

Barcelona (/ˌbɑːrsəˈloʊnə/ BAR-sə-LOH-nə, Catalan: [bəɾsəˈlonə], Spanish: [baɾθeˈlona]) is a city on the coast of northeastern Spain. It is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain.

Is Catalan similar to Spanish?

Catalan and Spanish vocabulary are somewhat similar. Many words in Catalan are familiar to native Spanish-speakers. Both are languages derived from Latin, so knowing one or the other gives you an advantage when it comes to learning vocabulary.

Do I need to know Catalan to study in Barcelona?

In short, yes you probably do. If you had to choose, Spanish is still more important and useful for foreigners to know than Catalan is. But you don’t need to choose, and you should aim to pick up at least some Catalan. The more you learn, the richer your experience here will be.

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Can Messi speak Catalan?

Alongside Spanish, he also understands the Catalan language.

Messi not only speaks Spanish but also Catalan. As a left-footed player, Messi is one of the best in the world.

Is Catalan easier than Spanish?

Yes, I’d say Catalan is easy for Spanish speakers, and particularly if you know one other Romance language as well as Spanish. Catalan would also be relatively easy for Italian speakers. In fact, if you live in Catalunya, learning Catalan would be the easiest language to learn.

Is it rude to speak Spanish in Catalonia?

No, it’s not rude as it is the language of many or a majority of residents and it’s also an official language. It is however polite to try and engage in Catalan to Catalan speakers, as Catalan is Catalonia’s own language.