You asked: What is a synonym for doctor in Spanish?

médico; doctor; médica.

What is the another name of doctor?

What is another word for doctor?

physician medic
doc clinician
medico sawbones
specialist surgeon
croaker healer

Is Doctor A doctor in Spanish?

They are pretty much interchangeable words. “Doctora” is a female doctor. The word “doctoro” does not exist. A male doctor would be “doctor.”

How do you spell DR in Spanish?

doctor → doctor. doctor → Dr. doctor → doctor, physician, doc, quack, physican.

Cross Translation:

From To Via
• doctor → doctor; physican ↔ Doktor — (umgangssprachlich) Person mit medizinischer Ausbildung

What is an old word for doctor?

The term medicine man first appeared in English around 1801, says the OED, probably coming from the Ojibwa mashkikiiwinini, physician, where mashkiki means medicine and inini, man.

What do you call a crazy doctor?

Psychiatrists. These professionals are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. A psychiatrist can prescribe medications.

What is a antonym for doctor?

▲ (nondoctor) Opposite of a specialist in healing or medicine. nondoctor. nonphysician. patient.

What does Dr stand for in Spanish?


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Spanish title Abbreviation English title
doctor Dr. Dr. (male)
doctora Dra. Dr. (female)
profesor Prof. Professor (male)
profesora Profa. Professor (female)

What is the difference between Medico and Doctora?

2 Answers. from my understanding, a “Doctor/a” is a general term for any sort of doctor, but usually one that you might go see in a office/clinic. A médico is usually only a medically trained person either a doctor, emt, first response/first aid attendent etc.

What is the real meaning of doctor?

1 : a person who is skilled in the science of medicine : a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people I think you should see a doctor.

How do you say doctor in different languages?

In other languages doctor

  • American English: doctor /ˈdɒktər/
  • Arabic: طَبِيب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: médico.
  • Chinese: 医生
  • Croatian: liječnik.
  • Czech: lékař
  • Danish: læge.
  • Dutch: dokter.

What does doctor mean in Latin?

The word doctor is derived from the Latin verb “docere,” meaning to teach, or a scholar. … Only university professors with a doctoral degree normally teach at a university. Historically speaking, the title “Doctor” was invented in the middle ages to describe eminent scholars.