You asked: How do I start a food business in Spain?

Do you need a license to sell food in Spain?

Every municipality has its own requirements. Another important license is the food handler’s certificate (carnet de manipulador de alimentos). … Companies in Spain will also need a business license which is known under the name of Impuesto sobre Actividades Economicas (the tax on economic activities).

Can I sell food from home in Spain?

No, you can’t. If you want to sell cooked food in Madrid you have to do in a Restaurant, in a Supermarket or if you are a company of catering.

How much does it cost to start a business in Spain?

There’s no fixed cost. It would depend on several factors (such as: initial share capital, number of partners, extension of the incorporation deeds, …). The costs for setting-up an ordinary limited company (3,000 euros initial share capital, with 1-4 shareholders usually are: 3,000 € (initial share capital).

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Can foreigners start a business in Spain?

No matter if you are a foreigner or a local citizen of Spain, everybody is allowed to start your business in the country. The only requirement is that you are a legal resident.

How much money do you need to open a restaurant in Spain?

In order to open such a company, you will need a minimum share capital of EUR 3,000 and you will receive a CIF (tax identification number), issued by the Commercial Registry in Spain; our company formation specialists can present to you all the documents required by the Spanish authorities.

What time can you buy alcohol in Spain?

As long as you’re over 18, you can buy beer, cider, wine, and spirits at supermarkets and grocery stores in Spain. It is also only legal for stores to sell alcohol up to 22:00, so don’t leave your purchases too late if you’re planning a party.

Are there food trucks in Spain?

Foodtruckya is one of the websites for the food trucks in Spain where you can check lots of food trucks and their locations, their stories, what they offer and where to find them.

How can I open a company in Spain?

How to start a business in Spain as an expat

  1. Ensure you have a foreigner’s tax identification number (NIE)
  2. Register the company name with the Mercantile Registry (Registro Mercantil Central or RMC)
  3. Get a company tax identification number (CIF)
  4. Open a business bank account.
  5. Sign the deed of incorporation.

Does Spain have food trucks?

Becoming a mobile food vendor may be a challenge, but the trend is still growing. … “By the time trends come to Spain, it’s a case of too little, too late,” says Roberto de la Cuerda, 42, one of the pioneers of the food truck movement in Spain.

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Can I live in Spain if I buy a business?

The entrepreneur visa is a residence permit that allows you to live in Spain during a two-year period provided that you start a project in the country that goes in line with the general interest of the Spanish economy.

Can you be self-employed in Spain?

Essentially, anyone can become a freelancer or self-employed in Spain. Being an autónomo allows you to carry out your profession or run your own business as if it were a company, but at a much lower cost and with less administration. For these reasons, Spain has attracted many entrepreneurs over the decades.

What is the best business to start in Spain?



Can I start a business in Spain after Brexit?

Can I start a business in Spain after Brexit? You can still start a business in Spain since you don’t need to be a resident to start a business in Spain. If you want to incorporate a new company, our bilingual corporate lawyers can help you with everything.

How long does it take to open a business in Spain?

Take the original deed to your local tax authority to have it stamped. Take your stamped deed to the Mercantile Registry for filing in the official registry of companies. This process should take about 15 days.

Is Spain a good place to start a business?

Having the 14th largest economy in the world, the 8th largest in the OECD and the 5th largest in Europe, Spain is a great place to start or extend your business especially if you are in the service industry. If you don’t know where to start, these are quick and easy businesses available to expats.

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