Why did the French and Spain help the Patriots?

General George Washington and others in the Continental Army expected that both France and Spain would declare war against Britain, thereby aiding the American cause.

Why did the French and Spanish help the Patriots?

Common Enemy – Britain had become the major power in Europe and the rest of the world. Countries such as France and Spain saw Britain as their enemy. By aiding the Americans they were also hurting their enemy.

Why did France and Spain join the war on the side of the Patriots?

Financiers Turgot and Necker warned war would be very expensive for France’s wobbly system of taxation and finance. The Americans argued that an alliance of the United States, France, and Spain would assure a rapid defeat of the British, but Vergennes, waiting until his navy was ready, hesitated.

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How did Spain help the Patriots?

Spain made loans to the United States to be used to furnish war supplies through the House of Gardoqui, which “supplied the patriots with 215 bronze cannon – 30,000 muskets – 30,000 bayonets – 512,314 musket balls – 300,000 pounds of powder – 12,868 grenades – 30,000 uniforms – and 4,000 field tents during the war.”

How did France and Spain help America in the Revolutionary War?

The French navy transported reinforcements, fought off a British fleet, and protected Washington’s forces in Virginia. French assistance was crucial in securing the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781. … The United States, Spain, and France formally ended the war with Britain with the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

How did France and Spain help the Patriots quizlet?

How did France and Spain help the Patriots? France helped with supplies and ammunition, and also agreed to provide the colonists with soliders and ships. What challenges did the Continental Army face at Valley Forge?

Why did the Spanish join the Revolutionary War?

Spain’s motivation to help the American colonists was driven by a desire to regain the land it had lost to Britain and, with other European powers, make incremental gains against British possessions in other parts of the world. … In April 1779, Spain committed to helping the Americans.

When did France and Spain join the Revolutionary War?

The French accepted these terms and on April 12, 1779, Floridablanca and French ambassador Armand Marc, Count of Montmorin, signed the Treaty of Aranjuez, effectively bringing Spain into the American Revolutionary War.

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Do you think that the Patriots would have won the war without help from France and Spain?

No, they needed help to overtake their enemies. Without help, the Patriots had a little chance of winning against Britain since they had more troops and supplies.

How did French support of the American Revolution increase?

How did French support of the American Revolution increase problems for King Louis XVI? It accelerated the economic crisis. … Montesquieu believed that government power should be divided between different branches, much like the executive, legislative, and judicial branches in the United States.

What role did the French play in the Patriot victory at Yorktown?

What role did the French play in the Patriot victory at Yorktown? The French fought with the Americans to trap the Hessians and British in Yorktown. Furthermore, de Grasse’s French armada stopped Cornwallis’s troops from fleeing by sea. Why were the Americans successful in their fight for independence?

What was Spain’s role in the French and Indian war?

In 1779, Spain signed the Treaty of Aranjuez with France, agreeing to support the French in their war against Great Britain (as part of the American Revolutionary War) in return – assuming a victory – for several former Spanish territories then under British and French control.

What did Spain gain from the French and Indian war?

In the Treaty of Paris, France lost all claims to Canada and gave Louisiana to Spain, while Britain received Spanish Florida, Upper Canada, and various French holdings overseas.

Why France and Spain would send the Patriots supplies and later choose to side with them during the Revolutionary War?

The French and Spain joined the Patriot side for many reasons. Both lost the 7 years war against Britain in 1763. Say wanted to get revenge and regain prestige. … The colonists hated it because they fought in the seven years war to live there.

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How much did the French help in the Revolutionary War?

Ultimately, France provided about 1.3 billion livres of desperately-needed money and goods to support the rebels.