Who is the famous Spanish footballer?

Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, who plays for FC Barcelona, is considered one of the world’s best centre halves. He is amongst the few players who have won the UEFA Champions League for two consecutive years, but for different teams.

Who is the most famous Spanish footballer?


# Name Goals
1 Sergio Ramos 23
2 Iker Casillas 93 (Conceded)
3 Sergio Busquets 2
= Xavi 12

Who is the famous soccer player in Spain?

Recently voted by fans the best centre-back of all time, captain Sergio Ramos has earned 21 major title wins including four UEFA Champions Leagues and four La Liga titles. He is also Spain’s most capped player ever, with 167 caps.

Who is Spain greatest player of all time?


  • Iker Casillas. Position: Goalkeeper. Caps: 167. …
  • Andres Iniesta. Position: Central midfielder. Caps: 131. …
  • David Villa. Position: Forward. Caps: 98. …
  • Sergio Ramos. Position: Defender. Caps: 180. …
  • Fernando Torres. Position: Striker. Caps: 110.

Who is a famous Hispanic soccer player?

Lionel Messi is a soccer player with FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. He has established records for goals scored and won individual awards en route to worldwide recognition as one of the best players in soccer.

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Who does Lionel Messi play for?

Лионель Месси/Current teams

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