What is a passing grade in Spain?

9-10 out of 10: “Sobresaliente” (“outstanding”). 7-8.9 out of 10: “Notable” (“remarkable”). 5-6.9 out of 10: “Aprobado” (“pass”). 0-4.9 out of 10: “Suspenso” (“failed”).

What is the grading scale in Spain?

The Spanish grading system

International scale Spanish scale
A (excellent) 10 – 9.00 (Matrícula de Honor (MH) – Sobresaliente)
B (very good, with few errors) 8.99 – 8.00 (Notable alto)
C (good, with some errors) 7.99 – 7.00 (Notable bajo)
D (satisfactory, with many errors) 6.99 – 6.00 (Bien)

How are things graded in Spain?

Spain is packed with a good climate, fascinating culture, and world-class universities.

Secondary Education Grading System.

Decimal Mark Grade Description Grade Translation
6.00-6.99 Bien Good
5.00-5.99 Suficiente Sufficient
3.00-4.99 Insuficiente Insufficient
0.00-2.99 Muy deficiente Very Insufficient

What is passing in Spain?

7.00 – 8.99. Notable (Very Good) B. 5.00 – 6.99. Aprobado (Pass)

Is 60 pass or fail?

A letter grade of a D is technically considered passing because it not a failure. A D is any percentage between 60-69%, whereas a failure occurs below 60%.

What is a good Spanish grade?

In Primary education, Secondary education and Baccalaureate, Spain uses a 0 to 10-point grading scale: 9 and 10 is the best possible grade and is called “Sobresaliente (SB)” (“outstanding”).

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What is 12th grade called in Spain?

Primaria public schools (6–12 years old) are called centro de educación infantil y primaria (CEIP), colloquially colegio or cole, and secundaria public schools (12–16 years old) are called instituto de enseñanza secundaria (IES), colloquially instituto.

What does pass class mean?

: a general undergraduate course at British universities that is taken by all students who are not candidates for honors.

What is a pass degree?

Definition of pass degree

: a bachelor’s degree without honors that is taken at a British university.

What is a pass mark in university?

Marks and Grades

The pass mark is 40% and it is relatively unusual for students to regularly achieve marks of 70% or above (in fact, only 10% of students receive marks this high).

Is a 8.0 GPA good?

What Is a Good GPA in High School? The average high school GPA is around 3.0, or a B average. This also happens to be the minimum requirement for many college scholarships, though a 3.5 or higher is generally preferable.

What is negative grading college?

In the Default rubric setting the Negative score means that each student has the full point amount for an answer and you are grading by deducting points from the total for errors. … The Negative scoring rubric is the default because that is the way most people think about grading: deducting points for errors.

What Mark is a 3.0 GPA?


Letter Percentage 4.0 GPA
A- 80 – 84 3.7
B+ 77 – 79 3.3
B 73 – 76 3
B- 70 – 72 2.7

Is D+ a passing grade?

Usually, at institutions in the U.S., a D+ is a passing grade. However on a 4.0 scale it carries only one quality point. Very often, students who fail to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average may be placed on academic probation, so a D+ doesn’t really help a student.

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What is pass no pass?

What is Pass/No Pass? Pass/No Pass (P/NP) in most cases, is a way of taking a class without worrying about your grade. … If you finish the course at the “D” or “F” level, you will receive a “No Pass (NP)” on your transcript.

What is passing marks out of 60?

Whereas in the practical examination, 9 marks out of 30 are required. The passing marks for theory paper out of 80 are 26, out of 70 marks students need to attain 23 marks and out of 60 marks, 19 marks are required to pass the examination.