What does XKE mean in Spanish?

From. Spanish Language & Usage. “It essentially means porque. x is widely recognized as the multiplication sign. To say it one says por.

What language is Perche?

perche | translation French to English: Cambridge Dictionary.

What does Perche mean?

When someone asks you perché? (why?), you can recycle the same word in your response because perché also means “because”! Yes, two in one! Let’s look at the following example, where Daniela is asking her students to justify using one article over another. L’articolo è uno. …

What does Lela mean in Spanish slang?

lela{adjective feminine} speechless. lelo{masculine} dimwit- dummy- fool.

What does Tobo mean in Spanish?

masculine noun (Caribbean) bucket.

How do you say Perche in Italian?


  1. (standard) IPA: /perˈke/ * Rhymes: -e. Hyphenation: per‧ché
  2. (Lombardy, Sicily) IPA: /perˈkɛ/ * Audio (Lombardy) (file)

Is why and because the same in Italian?

In Italian, we have just one word to say both why and because: perché. This might sound confusing at the beginning but it actually makes life easier!

Is Natation feminine or masculine?

natation {feminine}

Aerobics and Swimming courses are also organised for women by the CNSF.

What does Lilo mean in Spanish?

lilo, el ~ (m) (lila) lilac, the ~ Noun. lilac tree, the ~ Noun.

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How do you spell Lelo?

lelo1 (lela) ADJ inf

lelo (lela) slow on the uptake. Add to my favourites. Preselect for export to vocabulary trainer.

What is the meaning of Lena in English?

/lenā/ obtain transitive verb. To obtain something means to get it or achieve it. [formal]