What are the 3 parts of the near future tense in Spanish?

The near future in Spanish is formed with the present tense forms of the verb ir (to go) + the preposition a followed by the infinitive of the main verb.

How do you form the near future tense in Spanish?

Ir + a + infinitive is a simple Spanish formula for expressing the near future. In fact, a similar formula exists in English, where we swap ir for “going”: What are you going to do today?

What is the future tense of near?

The futur proche (near future) tense describes what is going to happen with certainty. To form the futur proche, use the present tense of aller (to go) plus an infinitive . To make it negative and say something is not going to happen, put ne … pas or n’… pas around the conjugated verb aller.

What 3 things do you need to form the future tense?

The simple future tense comes about in one of three ways. Use the helping verb “will,” add an S, or use the “going to” construct. Let’s take a look at a couple variations that flow seamlessly into each construct.

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What is saber in the future tense?

We use saber in the future tense to talk about things that will be known. Saber in the future tense can also mean ‘to find out’. In the future tense, saber is an irregular verb.

What are the two future tenses in Spanish?

The future tense in Spanish can also be the verb ir + a + infinitive (aka informal future) and sometimes just the Present tense (aka easy peasy). Easy as 1,2,3!

What does near future mean in Spanish?

El futuro inmediato (The Near Future)

It is a verbal periphrasis that allows to express in the present a statement which conveys an idea of the future. This structure is often used in Spanish instead of the simple future in the spoken language to express a planned action or something that will occur in the near future.

How can I express near future?

We usually use the present continuous to express the near future that we are reasonable sure will happen.

To talk about a scheduled event or an event on a timetable–I need to leave.

  1. I have a doctor’s appointment in 30 minutes.
  2. We need to get to the airport now! …
  3. It’s his birthday tomorrow.

Why is it called the near future?

Forming “Futur Proche”

The futur proche, or near future, is formed by combining the present of aller, which means “to go,” with the infinitive of the action verb, a single word that is the basic, unconjugated form of the verb.

What are the 4 types of future tense?

There are four future verb tenses in English.

  • Simple future tense.
  • Future continuous tense.
  • Future perfect tense.
  • Future perfect continuous tense.
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What is the structure of future tense?

Structure: Subject + Will/ Shall + Verb 1 (V1) + Object

I shall meet you tomorrow. He will play Cricket in the evening. Martin will complete his studies in 2020. They will go on a world tour next month.

What are the 4 types of future tense with examples?

Examples of the Types of Future Tense

The 4 Future Tenses Examples
future perfect tense I will have gone. By the time you arrive, we will have finished the meal and the speeches.
future perfect progressive I will have been going. In July next year, you will have been studying for three years.

What is the future tense of vivir?

Future Tense Conjugation of Vivir

Subject Pronouns Vivir Conjugation: Future Translation
yo viviré I will live
vivirás you will live
él, ella, usted vivirá he/she/you formal will live
nosotros/nosotras viviremos we will live

How do you conjugate CAER?

Remember that in caer bien/mal, the verb is conjugated depending on the object that follows.

Lesson Summary.

Subject Pronouns Caer Conjugation: Present Simple
él/ella/usted cae
nosotros/nosotras caemos
vosotros/vosotras caéis

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