Quick Answer: What is Spanish Netspeak?

(informal) or net-speak (informal) [ˈnetspiːk ] (= internet jargon) jerga f de Internet.

What is meant by Netspeak?

noun. informal the jargon, abbreviations, and emoticons typically used by frequent internet users.

What is Spanish Esperanza in English?

hope n (plural: hopes)

What does iguana mean in Spanish?

The word iguana is Spanish, and it comes from a West Indies language, Arawak, and its word for this particular kind of lizard, iwana.

What is Spanish project in Spanish?

proyecto. More Spanish words for project. el proyecto noun. plan, scheme, venture, schema.

What are the features of Netspeak?

As a new-born language, Netspeak is a part of English, and it is worth studying. The paper finds that there are four forms of English Netspeak: homonyms, abbreviation, compounding and emoticons. The paper concludes that English Netspeak has the characteristics of innovation, conciseness, flexibility and humor.

What are crystals ideas about language and Internet?

Crystal begins the book by outlining the five distinct “Internet situations” (p. 6) that give rise to different language use. He considers these to be E-Mail, Synchronous Chatgroups, Asynchronous Chatgroups (e.g., bulletin boards), Virtual Worlds (e.g., MOOs and MUDs), and the World Wide Web.

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What is a nickname for Esperanza?

It’s a happy name, a “hopeful” name and a wistfully beautiful one. Potential nicknames include Anza, Espie, Essie, Pelancha, Pera, Rani, Ranza and Zaza. … Multi-talented musician Esperanza Spalding is a famous American name bearer.

What does Corazon mean in English?

Spanish. the heart. courage; spirit. love; affection; compassion or sympathy. (often used in direct address as a term of endearment) lover; beloved.

How do u say Esperanza?

The name Esperanza can pronounced as “Es-pe-RAHN-sah” in text or letters. Esperanza is bay unisex name, main origion is Spanish. English meanings of Esperanza is “#Hope” and popular in Christian religion.

What does armadillo in Spanish mean?

Armadillo is a Spanish word meaning “little armored one.” Armadillos are the only living mammals that wear such shells.

What is iguana in Malay?

“iguana” in Malay

volume_up. iguana nounbiawak.

What Spanish words start with K?

Spanish words starting with K:

Spanish word meaning in English features
kilólitro kiloliter, kilolitre {m}
kilómetro kilometer {m}
kilómetro cuadrado square kilometer (US), square kilometre (UK) {m}
kilo kilo {m}

How do you say project by in Spanish?

project verb

proyectar, planear; sobresalir, salir; proyectar (imágenes, misiles, etc.)

How do you pronounce proyecto?


  1. proh. yehk. toh.
  2. pɾo. ʝek. to.
  3. pro. yec. to.

What is Latin project?

1400, projecte, “a plan, draft, scheme, design,” from Medieval Latin proiectum “something thrown forth,” noun use of neuter of Latin proiectus, past participle of proicere “stretch out, thrust out, throw forth,” from pro- “forward” (see pro-) + combining form of iacere (past participle iactus) “to throw” (from PIE root …

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