Is it easy to drive in Barcelona?

Driving in Barcelona is easy! … You must register with travel authorities within six months becoming a resident of Spain and obtain a Spanish driver’s license as well. You will drive as a citizen, so you have to pay the special vehicle registration tax (impuesto municipal sobre circulación de vehículos).

Is driving in Barcelona hard?

Gernerally, we don’t advise driving in Barcelona by car. It is chaotic and difficult for Non-Spanish people standards and parking spaces are rare and expensive. Alternatively, you have a very well-developed public transport with busses and subways which easily take you to all places of interest.

Can you drive into Barcelona?

All vehicles can drive on the Ronda de Dalt and Ronda del Litoral ring roads, although vehicles without stickers cannot drive on the access roads to Barcelona.

Is driving easy in Spain?

Driving in Spain is generally very easy once you get used to driving on the right side of the road. All main roads are in good condition and well signposted, and the toll motorways are very quiet. Be careful if you go off the beaten track, however, as the quality of the roads and signage can vary considerably.

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Should I have a car in Barcelona?

The roads in Barcelona can be quite congested and slow-moving in the centre. Car hire in Barcelona may be necessary however if you are on business or have special needs. … However hiring a car is a good idea if you’re staying in a hotel that is not in the city centre and is not serviced by the metro system.

What cars are allowed in Barcelona?

Passenger cars (M1) classified as electric, Euro 3 petrol-driven (usually registered after 2000) or above, and Euro 4 diesel-driven or above. Lorries (N2, N3), buses and coaches (M2, M3): electric, Euro 4 diesel-driven or above.

Can I drive in Barcelona with US license?

U.S. citizens who are residents of Spain must obtain a valid Spanish driver’s license. At this time, there is no agreement between the United States and Spain for the validation of a U.S. driver’s license; therefore, holders of a U.S. license must attend a Spanish driving school and take the Spanish exam.

What side of the road do you drive on in Barcelona?

As with most continental European countries, we drive on the right in Barcelona. In general, the speed limit inside the city is 50 km/h, although you will also see it reduced to 30 km/h in some areas where cars and motorcycles share public spaces with pedestrians.

Is parking free on Sunday in Barcelona?


First of all, know that during weekends you can park for free in Barcelona (almost) everywhere. Just make sure there is the panel “Prohibido aparcar Laborables de dilluns a divendres 8-20h” which means “parking forbidden from Monday to Friday 8-20h”.

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Do I need an emissions sticker to drive in Spain?

Spanish vehicles need a sticker to ensure that they are labelled. Non-Spanish vehicles, on the other hand, cannot obtain a sticker; instead, they need to be registered in order to be allowed to enter. Applying for a sticker takes a little longer, as it has to be issued by the Spanish authorities.

Is it worth driving in Spain?

Spain has an excellent highway construction ideal for tourists who want to drive. You have to take note of the 120km speed limit when driving on Spanish highways. You would enjoy going on roads as it is quieter, and less traffic. You will not get yourself burnt out in driving while losing patience due to traffic.

Is it cheaper to drive or fly to Spain?

It is evident that it is cheaper to travel to Spain by car than it is to fly .

Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Spain?

The unbelievable rules of the road in Spain

Article 18 of the General Traffic Law states that the driver and passengers must maintain a sensible position inside the vehicle. Driving without wearing a shirt, being barefoot, or wearing flip-flops comes with a fine of €200.

Do I need a permit to drive in Barcelona?

US citizens: A valid driver’s license from any state may be used. You must also obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). … You are now driving as a residence, so you need to pay the special vehicle tax called ” impuesto municipal sobre circulación de vehículos”.

Can you live in Barcelona without a car?

You can perfectly live without a car anywhere in Barcelona and around, our public transportation is great and can take you almost anywhere in and out of the city center.

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Is Uber in Barcelona?

Uber is now available in Barcelona since Tuesday, 16 March, with 350 drivers, following a two-year absence from the city. The American firm quit the Catalan capital in early 2019 after the government brought in legislation to regulate the ridesharing industry.