How do you ask someone what the weather is like where they are in Spanish?

How do you ask what is the weather like in Spanish?

¿Que tiempo hace? Is the basic way to ask how is the weather, as in “How’s the weather today?” If you asked about el clima you would be asking more about the climate in general. You could say “¿Cómo está el clima en este país en enero?”, for example.

What Spanish question word do we use to ask what the weather is doing?

First of all, we will learn to ask that what the weather is like in Spanish. To do this we may use two simple questions: ¿Cómo está el clima? and ¿Qué tiempo hace?

How do you ask how’s the weather?

It’s also an easy way to start a conversation, even with strangers.

Some questions you might hear

  1. Is it hot or cold?
  2. Is it sunny, should I take sunglasses?
  3. Is it raining outside?
  4. Should I take my umbrella?
  5. What’s the weather forecast?
  6. What’s the weather expected to be tomorrow?
  7. What’s the temperature?
  8. How’s the weather?
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How do you say weather phrases in Spanish?

*According to how cold the weather feels, in Spanish we might translate “it’s chilly” to hace frío as well.

Weather Conditions in Spanish.

English Spanish
It’s cold está frío / hace frío
it’s cloudy está nublado
it’s clear está despejado
it’s rainy / wet está lluvioso

Is it El or La tiempo?

You should use “el tiempo”, because “beautiful” and “warm” are subjective (e.g. non-scientific) ways to describe the weather and they can respond to the subjective (non-scientific) question of “what’s the weather like?” = “¿qué tiempo hace?”, where the very “like” (in English) and “hace” in Spanish” allude to this …

What is the weather like in Spanish duolingo?

Cómo está el tiempo is correct.

How do you describe sunny weather in Spanish?

Spanish Weather Adjectives:

Sunny: soleado. Cloudy: nublado. Windy: ventoso. … Good weather: buen tiempo.

What’s the difference between hace and esta?

Hace is usually used to describe the general “feel” of the weather — like it’s warm, or cold, or windy. Hay and está are generally more specific. You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out the specific situations, but it’s best to simply remember each delicious piece of weather vocabulary as a phrase.

How do you say it’s hot?

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  1. It’s sweltering!
  2. It’s boiling hot!
  3. We’re having a heatwave!
  4. It’s like a furnace/oven outside!
  5. It’s so hot you can fry an egg on the pavement!
  6. It’s scorching!

How do you start a weather conversation?

Conversation starter phrases about the weather in English

  1. Beautiful day, isn’t it?
  2. Can you believe all of this rain we’ve been having?
  3. It looks like it’s going to storm.
  4. We couldn’t ask for a nicer day, could we?
  5. How about this weather?
  6. It’s so nice out today, isn’t it?
  7. The weather’s nice today, right?
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How do you say nice weather?

Describing good weather

  1. anticyclone.
  2. be set fair idiom.
  3. calm.
  4. clear.
  5. clemency.
  6. clement.
  7. cloudless.
  8. dry.

How do you ask tomorrow’s weather?

You can ask, “What is the forecast for tomorrow?”, or even “What is the weather for tomorrow?”, where it is clear that the term “weather” refers to the “weather forecast”.