Frequent question: How do I renew my Spanish driving Licence at 70?

How do I renew my Spanish driving license?

What documents do you need to renew your Spanish driving licence?

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Residency document.
  3. Solicitud (application form)
  4. Medical.
  5. New photos (32x26mm, plain background etc)
  6. Fee paid with receipt (max €24.34, range of costs depending on age etc)

How do I renew my driving licence now I’m 70?

The DVLA will send you a D46P application form 90 days before your 70th birthday, and then every three years afterwards. Complete the form and return it to the DVLA. If you haven’t got the D46P form, you can use a ‘D1 application for a driving licence form’, which you can pick up from a Post Office.

Do I have to retake driving test at 70?

Do drivers over 70 need to retake their driving test? In short, no. … There is no requirement to take a test but applicants must declare that they are fit and healthy to drive and their eyesight meets the minimum requirements for driving via self assessment.

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How much does it cost to renew a Spanish driving licence?

The fee for the renewal of a Spanish driving license is €23.50 unless the person is over 70 years old, in which case it is free of charge.

How do I apply for a Spanish driving Licence?

You need the following:

  1. a certificate of mental and physical fitness from the Authorised Drivers’ Check Centre (Centro de Reconocimiento de Conductores Autorizado);
  2. an application form;
  3. two passport-sized photographs;
  4. your residence permit;
  5. proof of address in Spain;

How do I check my Spanish driving Licence online?

If you have a Spanish driving licence you can check how many points you have via their secure website. If you visit the traffic department´s official website,, you will find all of the information you need, but the majority of it is only available in Spanish.

Can I renew my driving licence online?

In the “License info” section you can also check the details of required documents, and can also track your license delivery. To renew your driving license: Go to the downloads section on the DLMIS website. Download the “Driving license renewal form”.

Will I get a reminder to renew my driving licence?

Will I receive a reminder letter to renew my licence? Yes, you’ll receive a letter to remind you to renew your licence before the expiry date. But if the DVLA doesn’t have your correct address then it’s likely you won’t receive your reminder letter.

Do I have to pay to renew my driving licence at 70?

Assuming you’re in good health, your licence expires at age 70, but will continue, provided you renew it. You don’t have to stop driving. After that, you’ll need to renew it every three years. Renewal is always free of charge.

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Can Over 70s renew driving licence by post?

All those 70 years and over who have previously presented at an NDLS centre in the last 5 years, and whose licence or permit is due to expire, will receive a renewal pack in the post and invited to apply by post.

Can I renew driving licence online without UK passport?

If you want to renew your driving licence online, you need to have a valid British passport. There are also other exclusions that apply and you won’t be able to go ahead renewing your licence online if: … The DVLA is unable to use the photo and signature from your passport for your new driving licence.

How often do I need to renew my driving licence after 70?

Driving licence holders are legally required to renew their licence at 70 and then at most every 3 years after this.

Can I drive in Spain with UK licence after Brexit?

The grace period when UK driving licences will be recognised for driving for residents in Spain has been extended to 28 February 2022, the British Embassy in Madrid has announced. The extension follows negotiations between London and Madrid to ease the post-Brexit transition for British residents in Spain.

Can I drive in Spain after Brexit?

Driving in France and Spain after Brexit: Will I need an IDP (International Driving Permit)? Most drivers will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in all EU countries such as France and Spain after 1 January 2021.

Do you have to retake your driving test in Spain?

So if you are staying in Spain long-term and become a resident here, you will have to resit your driving test in Spain (theory and practical), as Spain doesn’t have an exchange agreement with most non-EEA countries.

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