Do you need to register your dog in Spain?

Under Spanish law, every dog, cat or ferret needs to be microchipped and registered in the Animal Identification Registry or Registro de Animales de Compañía. … Once registered, you will be sent an animal health card with your pets identification number.

How do I register my dog in Spain?

Dog Registration in Spain

For dog registration, you have to go to your veterinarian. They give your dog the necessary injections, a passport where everything is described, and they input a microchip directly under your dog’s skin.

How do I register with a vet in Spain?

With all of this paperwork you go to your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and hand it in. Once approved they mail you, through the normal mail, a letter of approval. With this letter of approval you go back to your veterinarian and have them scan it in and attach it to your dog’s RAIA registration online.

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How much does it cost to own a dog in Spain?

The average cost of having a pet in Spain, including vet care, medicines, hygiene and food, is broken down as follows: Each dog costs an average of 2.23 euros a day to maintain. This equals 814 euros a year. Each cat costs an average of 1.47 euros a day.

How do I apply for a dog passport in Spain?

Dogs will require a microchip and rabies vaccination at minimum, proof of both is needed in order to obtain an EU Pet Passport. All documents must be issued by an accredited veterinarian. Essentially, a pet passport demonstrates that your dog is fit and healthy to travel.

Can I take my dog from Spain to UK?

Going from Spain to Great Britain with pets

You can enter Great Britain with your pet cat, dog or ferret if it: has been microchipped. has a pet passport or health certificate. has been vaccinated against rabies.

How much does a vet cost in Spain?

Study of Average Veterinary Visit Fees (April 2013)

A study conducted between March and April of 2013 revealed that the average cost of a veterinary visit in Spain is €28.80. The vaccine against Rabies costs€26.70 and an operation for the sterilization of a cat is €183.90.

How much does it cost to vaccinate and chip a dog?

Annual vaccinations and veterinary check: from $80. Flea and worming treatments: $100-$150. Food: approximately $370 upwards.

How many pets can you have in Spain?

You may only enter the country with up to five pets—which is the legal limit for pet ownership in Spain—unless you can prove that the animals are training for or participating in some kind of sporting event. If that is the case, each animal must be at least six months old.

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Can you buy dogs in Spain?

In order to legally own a pet in Spain, you need to have a health booklet (cartilla sanitaria) which includes its medical and vaccination records which has to be issued by a chartered veterinarian. This document also contains information about the pet and its owner.

How many dogs can you own in Spain?

In France we are allowed to keep up to 9 dogs before we have to register as a kennels; In Spain it is only 5 ANIMALS before you have to get the kennel permit.

What is the average number of dogs per household?

Dogs Birds
Average number owned per household 1.6 2.1
Total number in United States 76,811,305 7,538,000

What vaccinations do dogs need in Spain?

What vaccines are compulsory in Spain for dogs?

  • Puppies with a month and a half: parvovirus, distemper and two polyvalent vaccines.
  • Puppies with two months: polyvalent vaccine.
  • Puppies with three months: a reinforcement of the polyvalent vaccine.
  • Puppies with four months: rabies vaccine.

Are cats popular pets in Spain?

The situation of pet cats in Spain

Spanish homes had around 3.1 million pet cats in 2017, which is about half the number of that of dogs the same year.

Can I take my dog from Spain to UK after Brexit?

On 1 January 2021, the UK became an EU “part two listed” country. This means pets from England, Scotland and Wales can travel within the EU’s borders as long as owners obtain an animal health certificate (AHC) first. The AHC confirms that your pet is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

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Does my dog need a passport for Spain?

Entry requirements for dogs into Spain

You must carry a valid EU pet passport. Your dog must have a microchip (or have a clearly legible tattoo from before 3rd July 2011). Your dog has to be at least 12 weeks old when it receives its first rabies vaccination, which must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Will pet passports be valid after Brexit?

Since Brexit, pet passports issued in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) are no longer valid for travel to an EU country or Northern Ireland. … Your pet won’t need an animal health certificate if you have a valid pet passport issued in an EU country or Northern Ireland.