Can Spanish citizens travel to Dubai?

UAE is open for travel. Most visitors from Spain can travel to UAE without restrictions. No quarantine is required.

Can I go to Dubai with Spanish passport?

Visa not required for Spanish citizens with valid ID card, they will be allowed to stay for 90 days within any 180 day period (as of 2nd March 2020). Visa is not required for Spanish citizens travelling to United Arab Emirates but they are allowed to stay for 90 days within any 180 day period.

Can EU citizens travel to Dubai?

That is exactly what European union citizens will get. All the people belonging to European nations can travel without a Dubai visa. This Dubai visa exemption for EU citizens is what makes it much easier to travel to Dubai.

Do I need a visa to Dubai from Spain?

Customers must either hold a US visa or a permanent residence card (also known as a green card) valid for at least six months. The 14‑day UAE visa on arrival costs AED 100. If needed, the visa can be extended once for an additional 14 days for AED 250.

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Who can enter Dubai now?

Citizens of all countries can visit the UAE for tourism, if they are fully vaccinated with one of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. They must undergo a rapid PCR test at the airport on arrival. The previous rules for unvaccinated, including exempted categories, remain in place.

Can Spanish citizens travel to UAE?

UAE is open for travel. Most visitors from Spain can travel to UAE without restrictions. No quarantine is required.

How strong is Spain passport?

Altogether, Spain passport holders can enter a total of 194 destinations—either without a visa, through a visa on arrival, or via an eTA. As a result, the Spain passport ranks 3 in the world.

Do we have to quarantine in Dubai?

Quarantine guidelines for travellers to Dubai

If you are an expatriate resident of the UAE or a tourist to the UAE, you must present a negative result of a PCR test at the departure airport. … If the test result is positive, you must stay in isolation and follow the instructions of Dubai Health Authority.

Do EU citizens need visa to Dubai?

The new visa regime provides for visa-free travel for EU citizens when travelling to the territory of the UAE and for citizens of this country when travelling to the EU, for a period of stay of 90 days in any 180-day period. …

When Dubai borders open?

Dubai has been open again to visitors since August 2020, though all arrivals must have valid health insurance and a negative Covid test. Dubai International Airport, which in 2019 was the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, reopened its main Terminal One in June 2021, after being closed for 15 months.

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Who can travel to Dubai without visa?

Yes, Citizens of few countries do not require advance visa arrangements to enter the UAE and can obtain a visa on arrival. Indian nationals holding a normal passport and a valid Visa, or a Green Card issued by the USA, or UK or EU Residency, can obtain a Dubai visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days.

How long can I stay in Dubai without a visa?

30‑day visit eligibility. If you are a passport holder of the below country or territory, no advance visa arrangements are required to visit the UAE. Simply disembark your flight at Dubai International and proceed to immigration, where your passport will be stamped with a 30‑day visit visa free of charge.

How long can you stay in UAE as a tourist?

Depending on your plan, tourist visas to the UAE can be issued for 30 days or 90 days for single or multiple entries. Tourist visas can be extended for 30 days twice, without the need to leave the country.

Can I go on holiday to Dubai?

What are Dubai’s travel restrictions? … Visitors to Dubai must have valid international health insurance before travelling, and will need to register their details on the Covid-19 DXB Smart App. They will also be required to fill out a Health Declaration Form and a Quarantine Form.

Do you have to wear a mask in Dubai?

Do I have to wear a mask? You must wear a cloth or medical mask throughout Dubai International airport, during boarding, throughout your flight, and as you leave the aircraft. Children under 6 years old and customers who have certain medical conditions do not have to wear a mask.

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Is Dubai on the green list?

Dubai has not been added to the green list for quarantine-free holidays.