Can I ship skincare to Spain?

Cosmetic products can only be imported by companies that have an import license from the Spanish Ministry of Health. The shipper must provide a Certification of Analysis. Only Essential oils are permitted for import. Imports of cosmetic products to the Canary Islands are prohibited in any case.

What can I not ship to Spain?

Spain Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • All forms of asbestos fibers.
  • All products containing the biocide dimethylfumarate (DMF)
  • Animal skins.
  • Atlantic red tuna fish (Thunnus Thynnus) originating from Belize, Panama, and Honduras.
  • Biological Substance Cat B, UN3373.
  • Certain U.S. Beef hormones.
  • Chemicals, Haz and Non-Haz.

Can you send lotion in the mail internationally?

Yes! If it is things like perfume, lotion, and shampoo, you can ship internationally.

What can I mail to Spain?

Business correspondence, commercial papers, and documents. Merchandise samples without commercial value, microfilm, microfiche, and private letters. Merchandise, advertising materials, and all articles subject to customs duty.

What can I not ship internationally?

Internationally Prohibited Items

  • Aerosols.
  • Air Bags.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Ammunition.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Dry Ice.
  • Explosives.
  • Gasoline.
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Can I send toiletries to Spain?

Liquids, pastes & gels of all types are entirely prohibited on all international Express routes (including every route to and from the USA). … Please ensure there is no possibility of liquids leaking.

Can I send perfume to Spain?

Many everyday items, such as aerosols, nail varnish and perfumes are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation. Failure to comply with these controls could result in prosecution.

Can you send Moisturiser abroad?

UK & International – Allowed in the mail, with restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Volume should not exceed 1 litre per item. Wrap in polythene and seal with tape. Surround with absorbent material such as newspaper and sufficient cushioning material to protect each item from breakage.

Can you send face cream overseas?

Companies can legally send non-flammable and non-hazardous creams and lotions, domestically and overseas. … If you are shipping face or body creams and lotions internationally as an individual, consider that liquids are not recommended for sending by post or courier.

How do I ship cosmetics overseas?

Ship the lipstick, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow or other toiletry product in their original packaging. Place any liquid products in a leak-proof bag. Wrap each product in thermal plastic or bubble wrap and seal with tape. Place the items in a box and add enough cushioning materials.

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Spain?

If you need to keep your shipping costs to a minimum then the cheapest way to ship to Spain from the US is via a tracked mail service, such as EU Parcel or EMS Parcel Post.

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What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Spain?

Economy courier to Spain

  • DPD Pick Up Classic is a great service if you’re looking for a cheap way to send a parcel to Spain. …
  • Parcel Monkey Europe By Road Economy is another economical option for sending parcels to Spain, with a transit time of 5 working days.

Does UPS ship to Spain?

Flexibility for you and your customers

And with thousands of UPS Access Point locations across Spain, you can be sure to find one in your neighbourhood. … Drop off your parcel at a drop off point near you and we will deliver it to your customers’ doorstep so they don’t have to leave their office/home.

Can I send Cream by DHL?

Can you send liquids in the post? It is DHL Parcel UK policy not to carry any fluids or liquids through its network, either for UK or more importantly, International deliveries.

Can I send AirPods overseas?

For the Apple AirPods, we recommend because we’ve personally shipped more than 1,000 packages with six different package forwarders and MyUS has the lowest rates, is tax-free, and is the most popular U.S. shipping forwarder by far. MyUS will receive your Apple AirPods and then ship it to any country worldwide.

Can you send perfume overseas?

Although most postal services and couriers do not recommend shipping liquids, perfumes are still a popular item to ship abroad. … Place the bottle of perfume in its original box. Alternatively, place it in a box that matches its size. Put the box into a resealable plastic bag or wrap it in cling film.

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