Are Spanish wines any good?

Spanish wines are some of the best Old World style wines in the world. While Spanish wines are sometimes eclipsed by the flashier French and Italian wines, Spain is one of the top three wine-producing countries in the world accounting for almost 14 percent of world wine production.

What is special about Spanish wines?

Spanish wines are made in a range of styles that reflect the country’s diverse regions and native grape varieties, offering the consumer a unique and authentic experience with each wine.

What is the best wine from Spain?

Spanish Wine! The Best Wines From Spain

  • Marques De Colbert Reserva – Simple. …
  • Pago Lencia Toro Reserva – Proper. …
  • Bodegas Mustiguillo Mestizaje Bobal – A Nice Discovery. …
  • Faustino Crianza Rioja – Fresh and Juicy. …
  • Pares Balta Mas Petit – Fresh and Easy. …
  • Bodegas Ego Goru 18m – Meaty and Delicious.

Are Spanish red wines good?

Spanish red wine offers exceptional value and a bold entry into the red wines of Europe. You can find great sub-$15 fruity crowd pleasers but there are also bolder, high end red wines that easily match the best collector’s wines of the world. Spanish red wines are striking and unique.

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What makes Spanish wine different?

It is present in almost every single element that influence the style and characteristics of any wine: soils, climate, grape varieties, winemaking techniques… In terms of its climate, almost all types and styles of wines can be produced in Spain except for those of extreme cold regions.

Why are Spanish wines cheap?

Spanish wine is so cheap because Spain has a strong bulk wine industry, an abundance of lesser-known grape varieties, and an industry focus on France and Italy. All of these factors make Spanish wine cheaper than in other countries. … Spain has the largest amount of land planted with wine grapes.

What kind of wine do Spaniards drink?

You can simply ask for the tinto (red wine), blanco (white wine), or rosado (rosé). You should also check out Cava, Spain’s signature sparkling wine that’s very similar to Champagne except it’s cheaper and has no pretension attached to it. Wine bottles typically indicate how long the wine has been aged.

Which Rioja wine is the best?

10 of the best Rioja red wines 2021

  • Torre de Oña, Finca Martelo Reserva 2015.
  • Bodegas Tarón, Pantocrator 2010.
  • E.H.Booth & Co, Gran Norte Reserva 2016.
  • Bodegas Beronia, Gran Reserva 2012.
  • Ramón Bilbao, Gran Reserva 2012.
  • Viña Herminia, Lady Herminia Tempranillo 2018.
  • Muriel Wines, Montelciego Reserva 2016.

What is a Spanish red wine called?

Spanish Red Wines

Tempranillo is the most planted red grape in Spain, and it appears under a few names, including Tinto Fino, Tinto de Toro, Cencibel, Ull de Llebre, and Tinto del Pais. The two most famous regions for Tempranillo are Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

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Is Rioja a dry red wine?

Tempranillo grapes are used to produce the great red Spanish Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines and dry red wines of the Douro in Portugal. … Acidity can range from low to high and tannins can range from soft to harsh, depending upon the grape grower and the vintner.

Is Rioja sweet or dry?

They’re generally low in acidity, with good sweetness and tannin and little to no oak. Older reds, especially reservas, are everything you want to experience in Rioja. Medium sweetness and tannin and low acidity with a medium to high oakiness.

What is a good Spanish Rioja?

10 Rioja Reds That Showcase Spain’s Hidden Value

  • Beronia 2010 Gran Reserva (Rioja); $30, 93 points. …
  • Bodegas Muriel 2010 Viñas Viejas Gran Reserva (Rioja); $30, 92 points. …
  • CVNE 2015 Cune Reserva (Rioja); $29, 92 points. …
  • Bodegas Olarra 2015 Cerro Añon Reserva (Rioja); $22, 92 points.

What Spanish wine is similar to Pinot Noir?

The name is Mencía, and you might want to remember that one — this is the source of the most delicate and pleasing light-bodied wines in Spain! Just like Pinot Noir, Mencía is compatible with oily fish like salmon and tuna — it’s traditionally enjoyed with Spain’s seafood, including the fork-tender grilled octopus.

Do Spanish wines have sulfites?

According to Waterhouse, only the U.S. requires a “sulfite” warning label but 99% of all winemakers in all countries including France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Chile, etc. add sulfites to the wine process.

Are Spanish wines dry?

What are dry Spanish wines? Rioja and other red wines made from tempranillo grapes tend to be quite dry, as do albariño and verdejo white wines. The driest types of cava are Brut Nature, Extra Brut, and Brut.

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