Your question: What does JR mean in Spanish?

What does JR mean?

Jr. is a written abbreviation for Junior. It is used after a man’s name to distinguish him from an older member of his family, usually his father, with the same name.

What is JR in Spanish?

Name Suffixes “Sr” (Senior) and “Jr” (Junior) in Spanish.

Do Mexicans use Jr?

No, not really. It’s certainly not uncommon for children to be given the same first names as their parents, boys as well as some girls. But there is no “junior” suffix in Spanish like John and John Junior.

What is junior high school called in Spanish?

junior hs (7-9) = secundaria. hs (10-12) = preparatoria. If you want to be absolutely formal, add “escuela” before each of them (i.e. “escuela primaria”). Junior hs or middle hs is usually “secundaria”.

What makes someone a Jr?

Jr is used when the son has the same name as the father. The second (II) is used when the elder family member is anyone other than the father.

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What kind of word is JR?

abbreviation for junior (= used at the end of a man’s name to show that he is the son of a man with the same name): Martin Luther King, Jr.

Is Junior a Mexican name?

Junior Origin and Meaning

The name Junior is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “young”.

What is junior in Latin?

Borrowed from Latin iunior (“younger”), from Latin iuvenis (“young”).

What does suffix mean in Spanish?

Suffixes are simply word endings that can be used to modify a word’s meaning. … That’s the word for lard, a much-used cooking ingredient in some Spanish-speaking countries. Add the ending -illa, a common ending, and it becomes mantequilla, or butter.

How do you say junior in Puerto Rico?

We use junior like in English. It’s anglicism like many others common in PR. Puerto Rican here…we say Yunito (y pronounced like a hard J in English). In PR we use the word “Junior” (or “Junito” as Danielle said) since we speak Spanglish.

How do you say Junior in other languages?

In other languages junior

  1. American English: junior /dˈʒuniər/
  2. Arabic: أَصْغَرُ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: júnior.
  4. Chinese: 级别低的
  5. Croatian: mlađi.
  6. Czech: mladší
  7. Danish: yngre.
  8. Dutch: junior.

What does adding Cito mean in Spanish?

It is a colloquial dimiutive ending, literally meaning “little,” or ”a little”,” in the case of a modifier. It is rarely derogatory, but more often recognized as an expression of fondness or endearment.

How do Mexicans say school?

Start with the first word: “escuela”. This is the word for school. It is pronounced, es-que-la.

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How do you say high school in Mexican Spanish?

The correct way to say Highschool in Spanish is “La secundaria” or “Él colegio”.

How do you say middle school in Mexican Spanish?

In Mexico it is “secundaria”. In Mexico, “primaria” is elementary, “secundaria” is junior high or middle school, and “prepa” is high school.