Your question: How much does a funeral cost in Spain?

Roughly we can say the cost of a funeral in Spain can be 3.500-4.000 € but you should keep in mind that this cost depends on many factors such as the location, the service required, the type of coffin, etc. Cremation having a cost of 750 Euros on average, is a more economical option in Spain.

How quickly do funerals happen in Spain?

Funerals in Spain usually occur within 24 hours of the death while funerals in England and other places might be held three or more days later. This period in Spain can be extended (if the family wishes to wait for relatives to arrive from abroad, for example) but the burial usually occurs rapidly by most comparisons.

How much does a decent funeral cost?

The average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000. The viewing, burial, service fees, transport, casket, embalming, and other prep are included in this price. The average cost of a funeral with cremation is $6,000 to $7,000. These costs do not include a cemetery, monument, marker, or other things like flowers.

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What is the procedure when someone dies in Spain?

Burial or internment are most common in Spain. If the deceased or next of kin request a cremation this must be made known to the doctor in charge of certifying the death as it will be noted on the certificate. Burial/Interment in Spain. … When temporary preservation method is used, bodies must be buried within 72 hour.

Which is the cheapest funeral plan?

The cheapest prepaid funeral plans that cover a direct cremation with no funeral service are:

Rank Provider Plan name
1 Memoria Low Cost Funerals Direct Funeral Plan
2 Co-op Funeralcare Direct Cremation Plan
3 Simplicity Cremations Lily Plan
4 Trust Cremations Direct Cremation Plan

How much does cremation cost Spain?

Cremation having a cost of 750 Euros on average, is a more economical option in Spain. If the deceased has travel or another form of insurance, it is important the insurance company is contacted as quickly as possible so that the repatriation, burial or cremation costs can be met.

Does Spain allow cremation?

There are no restrictions on transporting ashes within the EU, and you can do so with minimal bureaucracy. However, you still need to present the following documents when transporting ashes to Spain: The UK death certificate. Cremation certificate.

How much does an average funeral cost in 2021?

National Median Cost of an Adult Funeral with Viewing and Burial

Item 2021 2016
Median Cost of a Funeral with Viewing and Burial $7,848 $7,360
Vault $1,572 $1,395
Total with vault $9,420 $8,775
* The overall rate of inflation was 13.98% for the same period.
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How much does it cost to keep a body in the morgue?

Major Services

Name of Service Low High
Storage and Refrigeration Fees – Care of Remains $35 per day $100 per day
Transportation of the body to the Funeral Home $125 $500
Urns $80 $2,000
Viewing or Visitation Fees – Funeral Home Facility and Staff Fee $150 $1,175

Is it cheaper to be cremated or buried?

Cremation is cheaper than burial. The average cost of a funeral today is about $6,500, including the typical $2,000-or-more cost of a casket. Add a burial vault, and the average jumps to around $7,700. A cremation, by contrast, typically costs a third of those amounts, or less.

What happens at a Spanish funeral?

You may be wondering what happens at a Spanish funeral, and in most cases in Spanish tradition during a burial or internment a body is inserted into a niche (nicho) for a set number of years at a cemetery. It is then later buried in a common burial ground. In Spain, niches can be rented for a set term.

How do the Spanish bury their dead?

Spanish cemeteries have a system where a coffin is inserted in a recess, or niche (nicho) (rather than buried in the ground). A niche can be rented for a pre-determined number of years. The remains are interned in the niche and once the period expires the body is moved to a common burial ground.

How much does it cost to bring a body back from Spain?

‘ Excluding the funeral, an example cost of repatriating the mortal remains back to, say, the United Kingdom from Australia is approximately $13,000 to $17,000, or from Spain, around $4,700 to $6,500.

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Can you pay monthly for your funeral?

All funeral plan providers offer pay monthly funeral plan options, usually ranging from 1 to 20 years. Some companies even offer direct debit payments up to 25 years, but this depends on age as usually payments must be complete by the time you are 80.

What is the cheapest funeral UK?

10 Cheap Funeral Plans

  • Co-operative Funeral Care – Costs from £2,895.
  • Memoria – Costs from £2,490.
  • Age Co – £2,770.
  • Golden Charter – Costs from £2,895.
  • Pride Planning – £2,495.
  • Open Prepaid Funeral Plans – £2,995.
  • Sunlife – £2,895.
  • Avalalon – £3,645.

How much does embalming cost UK?

The cost of embalming in the UK ranges from around £75 to £200, depending on the funeral director chosen and the amount of work required.