Your question: Do moonpig deliver to Spain?

Does moonpig ship internationally?

We send cards all over the world. All you need to do is change the default country from Australia to the relevant destination from the drop down menu provided when you reach the address entry stage of the order process.

How long does a moonpig card take to arrive in Spain?

Arrives within 1-2 working days (Mon – Sat).

Can I send a funky pigeon card to Spain?

You CAN easily send most of our unique products to countries like Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands or the rest of the EU, even though there is no actual Funky Pigeon branch (yet!) in these countries.

Do Funky Pigeon send abroad?

Can you post cards overseas? We can send cards and many other gifts to overseas addresses. … Flowers, Alcohol, Balloons & Gift Cards are UK delivery only.

Does moonpig deliver to Amsterdam?

With our market-leading cut off times for next-day delivery – a cut-off time of up to 9pm in the UK and up to 10pm in the Netherlands – we make thoughtful even more convenient.

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Can I use moonpig USA from UK?

Should I use the AU/US site? Not necessarily. If you order a card on the UK site to be dispatched to an address in Australia or the US, (and it is a card we can print in Australia or the US,) we will print and post from Melbourne (AUS) or New Jersey (USA) as soon as possible.

What delivery service does moonpig use?

Royal Mail deliver all of our Card & Gift items and Yodel provide our courier service for our Flowers, Plants & Balloons.

Where is Funky Pigeon based?

Based primarily in Bristol, our highly motivated team of around 30 people work closely with our Head Office functions in Swindon. We also have a fulfilment centre in Guernsey where our cards and gifts are produced.

Does moonpig deliver to NZ?

Here’s what you need to know… you CAN easily send most of our awesome products to countries like Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Just visit our website and buy/send as normal. See below for full info.

Why is funky pigeon called Funky Pigeon?

Funky Pigeon is the mascot of personalised card and gift website He is a pigeon who speaks with a Northern English accent. In the 2010-2013 adverts, he resembled a real life pigeon and rode a bicycle.

Who owns moonpig?

Multi Photo Upload Cards. Photo Upload Landscape card with 4 photos to upload and 2 on the back. Order by 9pm and we’ll post your card the same day.

Does America have moonpig?

Personalized Cards – Greeting Cards – Moonpig USA.

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Where is moonpig based?

Guernsey is the home of Moonpig’s printing and delivery HQ, which doubles as the frontline for the company’s photo upload greeting card service. It allows customers to personalise their cards with (almost) any image imaginable.

Can you send moonpig cards anonymously?

We take Data Protection very seriously so won’t be able to divulge any customer information without their direct permission, but we can contact them and ask them to make themselves known to you.