What were the first professional theaters in Spain called?

The Corral de la Cruz, built in 1579, was Madrid’s first permanent theater. Corrales originated from courtyard performances, and were constructed within rectangular courtyards enclosed by buildings on three sides.

What was the first theater play in Spain?

In Spain, few written documents and theatre plays from these centuries are preserved. The oldest play of Castilian theatre is El Auto de los Reyes Magos (an allegory of the Epiphany) from the end of the XII century, written in romance language and probably of Frankish origin.

What were theater buildings called in Spain at this time?

In Spanish all secular plays were called comedias, which embraced three genres: tragedy, drama, and comedy itself. During the Spanish Golden Age, corrals became popular sites for theatrical presentations in the early 16th century when the theatre took on a special importance in the country.

What is the first theater?

The first plays were performed in the Theatre of Dionysus, built in the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century, but theatres proved to be so popular they soon spread all over Greece. Drama was classified according to three different types or genres: comedy, tragedy and satyr plays.

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When was the Spanish Golden Age Theatre?

Spanish Golden Age theatre refers to theatre in Spain roughly between 1590 and 1681. Spain emerged as a European power after it was unified by the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile in 1469 and then claimed for Christianity at the Siege of Granada in 1492.

When did theatre begin in Spain?

Professional public theater was established in Spain’s major cities during the 1570s. The Corral de la Cruz, built in 1579, was Madrid’s first permanent theater. Corrales originated from courtyard performances, and were constructed within rectangular courtyards enclosed by buildings on three sides.

Where were auto Sacramentales?

The auto sacramental was always presented in the streets in connection with the celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi. It was preceded by a solemn procession through the principal streets of the city, the houses along the route being decorated in honor of the occasion.

What dramas originated in Spain?

zarzuela, form of Spanish or Spanish-derived musical theatre in which the dramatic action is carried through an alternating combination of song and speech.

What is a courtyard theatre?

courtyard theatre, Spanish corral, any temporary or permanent theatre structure established in an inn’s courtyard in England or a residential courtyard in Spain. Under Elizabeth I, many plays were performed in the courtyards of London inns, with the first-recorded innyard performance in 1557.

Who established the National theater in Spain?

One of the earliest was Lope de Rueda (ca. 1510-1565), often seen as a founder of professional theater in Spain, who (literally) set the stage for the Gold Age with his medieval-style plays.

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What were Roman theatres called?

While amphitheatres would feature races and gladiatorial events, theatres hosted events such as plays, pantomimes, choral events, orations, and commerce. Their design, with its semicircular form, enhances the natural acoustics, unlike Roman amphitheatres constructed in the round.

What is the oldest theatre in the world?

The outdoor Theatre of Dionysius was the world’s oldest theatre, having been built in Ancient Athens in approximately 500 BC. With an estimated capacity of up to 17,000 people, the theatre was “in the round”, with stone rows built up a slope overlooking the stage.

What was the first play performed?

The very first play performed, in 1752 in Williamsburg Virginia, was Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice.” Due to a strong Christian society, theatre was banned from 1774 until 1789.

Why is it called the Golden Age of Spanish theatre?

The term ‘Golden Age’ (or Siglo de Oro in Spanish) is used to describe what is broadly the Early Modern period in Spain, a time of extraordinary artistic flowering. The period stretches from the mid sixteenth century to the death of the great playwright, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, in 1681.

What is a cazuela theatre?

Cazuela. Gallery above the tavern in the back wall of the theatres of the Spanish golden age; the area where unescorted women sat. Comedia.

Which of the following play is the earliest known form of organized theater created by Spanish priest?

The earliest known form of organized theatre is the comedia, or moro-moro, created by Spanish priests. In 1637 a play was written to dramatize the recent capture by a Christian Filipino army of an Islamic stronghold.

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