What is centurion in Spanish?

What does the Latin word Centurion mean?

: an officer commanding a Roman century.

What is the meaning of Estomago?

British English: stomach /ˈstʌmək/ NOUN. Your stomach is the organ inside your body where food is digested.

What does bandolero in Spanish mean?

nounplural noun bandoleros

A Spanish bandit. ‘Antonio Banderas is a bandolero out to get even in Desperado. ‘

What does the Spanish word comes mean?

(she) eats, (he) eats, (?) do you eat.

Does centurion mean 100?

The definition of a centurion is a leader of 60 to 100 soldiers in the ancient Roman army. The leader of 80 soldiers in the Roman army in 100 BC is an example of a centurion.

Why were Roman soldiers called centurions?

The centurion was the commander of a centuria, which was the smallest unit of a Roman legion. … Most centurions were of plebeian origin and were promoted from the ranks of the common soldiers. They formed the backbone of the legion and were responsible for enforcing discipline.

Is pie in Spanish feminine?

pie noun, masculine (plural: pies m)

What is Tumbao in Spanish?

“Tumbao” is one word with multiple meanings rolled into one: Style, grace, beat, rhythm, flair, panache, vigor, attitude, poise, verve, character, confidence, unashamed, in-your-face, self-promoting…you get the idea.

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What is a bandelero?

bandolero in British English

(ˌbændəˈlɛərəʊ) nounWord forms: plural -ros. a highwayman; a robber.

How much does a Bandolero car cost?

What does a Bandolero cost? A new bandolero is around $7,000 before shipping and taxes. There are also used bandoleros for sale at about half the cost of new. A used Bando will hold its value pretty well.

What does Calle mean in Spanish slang?

Calle means “street” in Spanish and Venetian.

What does como mean in Spanish with an accent?

cómo (with acento on the second letter): it just means ” how” like in “cómo estás = how are you.