What does PTA mean in Spanish?

noun abbreviation. (= Parent-Teacher Association) ≈ APA f ⧫ ≈ AMPA f.

What does PTA mean in Spanish address?

Abbreviations and Special Terms

Some Abbreviations and Terms Commonly Used In Addresses
3o 3rd Floor
Piso Floor
Placita Place
Pta. Door (Puerta)

What does PTA stand for in English?

Parent-Teacher Association.

What is PT in Spanish?

Translation of pt – English–Spanish dictionary

pt. written abbreviation for pint: a unit for measuring liquid. abreviatura escrita de “pint”: pinta.

What does S n mean in Mexico?

s/n (invariable) Abbreviation of sin número (“no number, unnumbered”) (used in postal addresses).

What is the Hispanic address format for the United States?

The address format used in Hispanic countries goes from specific to general with one exception. While address structure in the U.S. puts the street number before, in Latin America and Spain the street name goes first. Then you add the name of the colonia (neighborhood) and municipio (municipality).

What does PCA stand for?

PCA stands for personal care assistant.

What is TAC exam?

Test Application Components (TAC) includes all components required to implement the testing tasks in a system. The heart of these testing systems is formed by our high-quality test devices, of which we offer a wide portfolio together with the corresponding adapters.

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