Quick Answer: Can I take dog food into Spain?

You can bring a limited amount (less than 10 kg) of powdered baby milk, baby food, foods required for medical reasons, or special pet feed as long as the: the product does not need refrigeration before use. the product is in commercially branded packaging. the packaging is unbroken unless in current use.

Can you take dry dog food to Spain?

You aren’t allowed to take meat based or milk based dog food including treats into the EU unless you have written confirmation from your vet that your pet requires a certain dog food for medical reasons. You can’t take packs that weigh more than 2kg.

Can I take dry dog food into the EU?

Plan your dog’s food

If you try to take any dog food (wet, dry or other) that contains any form of meat or meat derivative from Great Britain into the EU, it is likely to be confiscated and your dog may go very hungry until you find a supermarket!

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Can I take dog food to Spain after Brexit?

There are exemptions for limited amounts of baby milk, baby food or pet food. … The good news is that food in Spain is excellent, and the country is incredibly child-friendly, so you’re sure to find what you need.

Can I take pet food to EU?

You can no longer take products of animal origin, such as any food or drink contain meat or dairy, or plants and plant products into the EU in your luggage, vehicle, or person. There are certain exemptions to this rule for quantities of powdered infant milk, infant food, confectionary, specialised foods and pet feed.

What food is allowed into Spain from UK?

Classic festive foods such as Christmas pudding and mince pies are also banned because they can contain suet. You are, however, allowed to bring in small quantities of fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs, some egg products and honey.

What food can you not take to Spain?

Taking food and drink into Spain

You cannot take meat, milk or products containing them into EU countries. There are some exceptions for medical reasons, for example certain amounts of powdered infant milk, infant food, or pet food required for medical reasons.

Can I take food to Spain from UK after Brexit?

Travelling to Spain from the UK

You must not take meat, milk or products containing them into EU countries including Spain. There are some exceptions for essential medical reasons, for example powdered infant milk, infant food, or pet food required for medical reasons.

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Can I take my dog to Spain from UK?

In order to enter Spain, your pet must be at least 12 weeks and 21 days old, will need to have a microchip or other approved type of identification on their bodies, a current rabies vaccine, a health inspection certified by an official veterinarian in your home country (with Spanish translation) and certified copies of …

Can you take food in your suitcase to Spain?

Re: Can I bring food into Spain? No problem at all with any of the items you mention. Just put them your hold baggage. Anything in jars or tins will probably be confiscated before boarding if you have them in your carry-on bag.

What are the rules for taking dogs to Europe after Brexit?

Taking pets abroad after Brexit

  • a microchip.
  • a valid rabies vaccination – your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated.
  • tapeworm treatment (if needed)
  • an animal health certificate (AHC) – this needs to be issued within 10 days of the date you are set to travel.

Can I bring meat from EU to UK after Brexit?

You can bring the following into Great Britain from any country without any restrictions: bread, but not sandwiches filled with meat or dairy products. cakes without fresh cream. biscuits.

Can I bring dog food into the UK?

powdered infant milk, infant food, or special food (including pet food) needed for medical reasons – you can only bring it in if it does not need to be refrigerated before use, and is in branded, unopened packaging (unless in current use) shellfish, such as mussels or oysters.

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Can you take dogs on the Eurotunnel?

Only five pets per vehicle can travel (both ways)**. When you start your journey, you’ll want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. After all, everybody wants to travel in comfort, including your pets! With Eurotunnel, your pet stays in the car with you.

Can you send dog food abroad?

When it comes to sending food items abroad via courier, the rules are relatively simple: You cannot send any food items that are classed as perishables (things that can go off or that can spoil during transit). This is the most important rule of all, and as long as you stick to this rule, you will be just fine.

Can you take dog on Eurostar?

Unfortunately, Eurostar isn’t part of the pet passport scheme, so we only allow guide dogs and assistance dogs on board. Since our trains don’t have space to carry animals comfortably, we feel it’s in the best interests of pets, their owners and other passengers not to let them on the train.