Question: Can Spanish people learn Portuguese?

Spanish people understand written Portuguese quite well, but listening is not that great. With some training, they can do it. Yes… if they’re willing to make the effort to. Portuguese (from portugal) and spanish are not the same language, but they’re very similar.

Can a Spanish person understand Portuguese?

While there are some differences between the two languages, most native Spanish and Portuguese speakers can understand each other if each party speaks clearly.

Can I learn Portuguese if I know Spanish?

Spanish gives you an enormous boost to learn Portuguese. I have studied many different languages. Learning Portuguese while knowing Spanish has been by far the easiest and the most rewarding learning experience ever.

Is it hard to learn Portuguese after Spanish?

Portuguese and Spanish are the closest major Romance languages, so learning Portuguese is a logical next step after Spanish. The languages share many similarities that give you a huge advantage in learning Portuguese. Spanish and Portuguese have 89 percent lexical similarity, meaning shared or similar vocabulary.

How quickly can a Spanish speaker learn Portuguese?

I estimate that of 6 months of intensive studies of grammar will be enough for me to became fluent. But if you apply yourself as a student and want to be fluent soon, you could be fluent in 6 to10 months. In Portugal one uses to say that after 3 beers any Portuguese can speak Spanish fluently…

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Is Portuguese basically Spanish?

Spanish and Portuguese are indeed sister languages. Undeniably, they share the same linguistic root and have a lot in common. Most of the grammar rules and much of the vocabulary are similar. Yet, they do have a lot of little differences that altogether make them distinct languages.

Can Spanish understand Mexican?

Yes. Spanish people understand practically all Mexican Spanish except for highly regional slang and very specific minority regional heavy accents from very out of the way places, which you usually pick up with a chuckle in a very short period of time.

Is it easier to learn Portuguese or Spanish?

For most native English speakers, Spanish is slightly easier to learn than Portuguese. This is primarily a matter of access. Since Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide (compared to just over 200 million for Portuguese), it’s easier to find Spanish resources and media for learning or practising.

How fast can I learn Spanish?

The bottom line. If you start out as a beginner and spend an average of 1 hour per day working on your Spanish, you should able to reach conversational fluency within 8 – 12 months. That translates to roughly 250 – 350 hours of time spent.

Why is Portuguese difficult?

There are really a lot of verb tenses to learn and a lot of conjugations to remember, this is the main reason that students consider difficult in the Portuguese language. Another very common reason is exceptions. … In other languages, this also happens. People also find Portuguese difficult because of the pronunciation!

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Which language is the easiest to learn?

Top 9 Easiest Languages to Learn

  • NORWEGIAN. Grammar, syntax and word order are all similar to English thanks to shared North Germanic roots. …
  • SWEDISH. …
  • DANISH. …
  • SPANISH. …
  • ITALIAN. …
  • FRENCH. …

Is Italian easy to learn if you speak Spanish?

If you already speak Spanish or French, picking up Italian is quick and easy — and gives you a valuable skill in the global business arena. Phonologically, Spanish and Italian are very similar, so that a Spanish speaking person could effortlessly pronounce Italian.

Should I learn Italian or Portuguese Spanish?

If you like the way Italian sounds, as well as Italan culture (people, food, landmarks etc), you should study Italian. On the other hand, if you are more involved in Portuguese culture ( or Brazilian one), you have to choose Portuguese.

How long learn French after Spanish?

You can probably get through the basic courses (high school 1 – 4, basic vocabulary, and a good base of grammar) in about a year of working a couple of hours a week. Faster if you put in more time/week. Then you want to go live in France or some other Francophone country, for at least four months.

How easy is Brazilian Portuguese?

All in all, Brazilian Portuguese is said to be easier but it’s still advisable to learn the standard version of a language – much like British English (the standard English) is the one taught at schools where English is a foreign language.