How do you state age in Spanish?

To say an age, you use tener (number) años, putting the correct number for the person’s age before the word años .

How old are you in Spanish answer?

In Spanish, ‘how old are you? ‘ is ‘¿Cuántos años tienes? ‘ In response to the same you can say ‘Yo tengo veintiùn años’, which means i am twenty one years old or whatever your age be.

How do you say your age with tener?

In Spanish, we use the verb tener (to have) to talk about age. To say I am [number] years old, we use tengo + [number of years] + años.

What is the meaning of Anos in English?

Because anos and años mean “years” in Portuguese and Spanish respectively, these words appear in countless toponyms and titles: All pages with titles containing anos.

How are you in Spanish answer?

How do you answer if someone asks you, “¿Cómo estás?” or “How are you?”? The standard answer is probably “Bien” (“Fine”) or “Muy bien” (“Very good”).

How do you ask the age in Spanish?

“I have 38 years.” If you want to ask someone their age in Spanish you would say “¿Cuántos años tiene usted?” If that person is a friend you would say “¿Cuántos años tienes?” I hope this helped.

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How do you spell Veinte?

If you want to say the word for “20” in Spanish, you would say, “veinte”.

How do you address a friend who is your age?

You don’t always have to use an honorific term when you’re speaking with or about someone older than you. If you’re close with the person, it’s appropriate to refer to them by their first name, even if they’re much older than you.

How do you use llamar?

In other contexts, llamar most often means simply “to call” as in these examples:

  1. Él me llamó pero no me dijo nada. (He called me, but he didn’t tell me anything.)
  2. No voy a llamarlo. (I am not going to call him.)
  3. Tu madre te llama. (Your mother is calling you.)