Can I take driving lessons in Spain?

There are no compulsory school hours to attend before you can do your test; however, unlike in the UK, there are no provisional licences in Spain, so before you pass your test, the only person you can drive with is a licenced instructor.

Can you take driving test in English in Spain?

Every expat living in Spain has an option to take the driving theory exam, the DGT test in English. … Application for the driving test must be done at the DGT office of your city/locality, you must be a Spanish resident in order to qualify and there is a list of documents to be presented.

How much is a driving lesson in Spain?

The most common length for practical lessons in Spanish driving schools is 45 minutes. The country’s average cost for them is 25.03 Euros for individual lessons. The lowest average is in A Coruña, with 13.94 Euros per lesson and the most expensive average is in Barcelona, with 31.21 Euros.

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Can I do my driving test in Spain?

As in any country anywhere in the world, you need to pass a test if you want to drive a vehicle in Spain. It will depend on your age, your health conditions, and the paper forms you need to fill out before they even consider putting you in front of the steering wheel.

Can foreigners get a driving license in Spain?

If you want to drive in Spain, you can use your foreign driving license for the first six months if you are from outside the European Union (EU) area, or for up to two years if you’re from the EU or EEA area (European Economic Area). …

Is the Spanish driving test hard?

The test is multiple choice, but you have to get 90% or higher to pass. Since it’s a 30-question exam, that means you can only get three questions wrong. As long as you study and do lots of practice tests beforehand, though, you should be able to pass without too much difficulty.

How many mistakes are allowed on driving test in Spain?

To get your Spanish driving license you need to do two different exams, one theoretical and one practical. Theory exam: The theoretical test consists of 30 questions in English that you need to answer in 30 minutes. To pass the exam you need to do a maximum of 3 mistakes.

How long does it take to learn to drive in Spain?

How long does it take to obtain a drivers license in Spain? – Quora. It depends on how good you are at driving. Usually driving classes are about six to eight weeks, but you can go to exam whenever you feel ready. You first have to do a theoric test about driving rules.

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When can you start driving lessons in Spain?

In order to obtain a driving licence in Spain you must be at least 17 years and 9 months, but you can’t actually get behind the wheel of a car until you are 18 years and one day old.

Can I drive in Spain with a provisional licence?

Not, it is not. Spain does not issue provisional licences and does not recognize those issued in other EU countries either.

Do I need to retake my driving test in Spain?

So if you are staying in Spain long-term and become a resident here, you will have to resit your driving test in Spain (theory and practical), as Spain doesn’t have an exchange agreement with most non-EEA countries.

What licence do I need to drive in Spain?

Driving in Spain checklist:

Full and valid driver’s licence. V5C. Proof of Insurance. Passport/national ID.

Can I drive in Spain after Brexit?

Driving in France and Spain after Brexit: Will I need an IDP (International Driving Permit)? Most drivers will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in all EU countries such as France and Spain after 1 January 2021.

Can I drive in Spain with an International Driving Permit?

Spain requires foreign drivers who have a license in English to obtain an IDP prior to arriving in Spain. … American drivers must have both their domestic license and IDP in their possession while driving. An international drivers permit in Spain is a translated version of your original license.

What happens if you drive without a license in Spain?

Driving a vehicle or moped when you do not have a legitimate licence or because you lost your legally assigned points, is a crime that will be punished with imprisonment from 3 to 6 months, or 31 to 90 days of community work, with a further one or two years loss of licence.

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